Buying a Telescope Under $100

Buying a Telescope Under $100

The first thing that most people learn about telescopes is that they’re expensive. Most of the times, people who own a telescope are dedicated science enthusiasts and they aren’t usually considered outside of middle class.

However, people should know that it is possible to own a telescope that costs less than 100 dollars. These telescopes do not give people the precision and quality that they can get from some of the most expensive telescopes in the market though.

Kids who are trying to do their astronomy homework or adults who are trying to indulge in their love of astronomy during their free time can still enjoy the wonders of the astronomical world with good enough telescope under 100 dollars, even if it isn’t the best telescope available in the market today.

Entry-Level Telescopes

Many of the telescopes that people can find in the lower-than-100-dollar price range are entry-level telescopes. These are the types of telescopes that people use when they are just getting started in astronomy either as students or as hobbyists. A lot of people would not even be able to use the higher level, professional telescopes at the entry level anyway.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense for them to purchase the inexpensive entry-level versions first. People who are trying to save money in general might not even advance beyond the entry level as far as telescopes are concerned.

The great thing about these entry-level telescopes is that, as their name suggests, they are relatively easy for people to use. There is a learning curve with everything and the learning curve tends to be steeper with a lot of scientific equipments.

When people purchase entry- level telescopes, it is much easier for them to break into the fascinating world of astronomy, allowing them to steadily graduate to the more complicated and advanced telescopes.

However, the people who have to stay in the range of entry-level telescopes for whatever reason should know that they can still be good at astronomy with them. At the end of the day, astronomy hobby isn’t all about having the right tools.

It’s about having the right mindset and the right level of knowledge and dedication. A telescope that comes under 100 dollars can certainly get people to that point if they’re just starting out or need to brush up their existing knowledge and that’s what matters.

Prioritizing Characteristics in Entry-Level Telescopes

One of the things to keep in mind about entry-level telescopes is that their quality is often very good but they don’t usually have a lot of great features. In a more professional or expensive telescope, people could usually get all the features that they could possibly want.

However, in a telescope that comes under 100 dollars, people need to be a little selective about the characteristics and features that really matter to them.

For most people, the best telescope is a portable telescope. Many people need to go to a special observation area in order to enjoy their work in astronomy. For these people, having a portable telescope is very important.

There are lots of travel scopes in the market these days that are made with the needs of modern astronomers and astronomy hobbyists kept in mind. The people who want their telescopes to be portable have plenty of options.

On the other hand, some people don’t worry about how portable a telescope is and they just care about the quality of the images that it can produce. Sometimes, people mistakenly believe that they would not get high-quality images with a telescope that comes under 100 dollars.

While it’s true that the image is not going to be perfect, people can still get a good view of the stars with their telescopes that come under 100 dollars.

The lens and optical quality are important when it comes to the overall view of the stars that people can get. People also need to pay attention to the aperture size especially because of the levels of light that they’re going to get.

People might not get a telescope that comes under 100 dollars that is portable and has perfect lenses with the perfect aperture size and the best optics. However, they might be able to get an inexpensive telescope that would give them some of what they want.

Some people without much experience with telescopes may not take into account the importance of a good mount. Mastering the mount is hard for lots of people at first which makes it more important for people to get an inexpensive telescope that has a good mount. Plenty of telescopes that come under 100 dollars have good mounts.

The optical quality of the lenses is another important factor that people should keep in mind. At the end of the day, the most important usage of a telescope is being able to see distant objects and without good optics, people are not going to get much out of their telescopes.

There are lots of entry-level telescopes that do have reasonably good optics. People need to find telescopes that come under 100 dollars that emphasize on the quality of their optics. The manufacturers always want to emphasize on the positive qualities. If the quality of the optics is what they emphasize on, it is a good sign.


People can get a great telescope for less than 100 dollars. They’re not going to get a perfect one that has everything that they want in that price range. However, an entry-level telescope that has good optics and a solid mount is often all that most people need.

Some people may care more about making sure that the telescope is portable. However, one way or another, people should not feel that they have to spend a fortune to get a telescope or to become skilled in the science of astronomy.


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