Celestron 21037 PowerSeeker 70EQ Telescope Review

Celestron 21037 PowerSeeker 70EQ Telescope Review

With so many telescopes available today it is difficult to differentiate between a top of the line model and a version that stops working after just a few uses. While astronomy has become a career for some, others simply want to look out into the cosmos and get a closer look at worlds beyond this one.

The Celestron 21037 PowerSeeker 70EQ Telescope is a great choice for anyone looking for a simple hobby.

While it is not at the same level as telescopes used for in depth study it will still provide breathtaking images of nearby celestial bodies. The user will be able to see Jupiter and its satellites as well as the rings of Saturn.

The Moon can also be seen in great detail as well as certain nebulae. Overall, this telescope is east to setup and adjust and will provide the user with a clear view of space and other nearby phenomena.


The Celestron 21037 PowerSeeker 70EQ Telescope comes in standard black and stands about 39 inches tall. It includes slow motion controls for tracking as well as an accessory tray for storage. In addition, the optical glass on the lens is finished with a high transmission coating to create a beautiful picture with near perfect detail and clarity.

There is also a 3x Barlow lens that will triple magnification for high quality visuals. Lastly, this scope has a surprisingly simple assembly process so the user can observe the heavens quickly and easily.


This telescope will provide the user a good, clear view of the moon and nearby constellations and stars. The easy to assemble design does not require any tools and is perfect for beginners or anyone who has never owned a telescope before. This product will benefit anyone looking to try out astronomy and see if it is something that piques their interest.


Because this is a good telescope for beginners, it is not sufficient for people who are looking for detailed images for study. While images are clear and beautiful, it will not capture anything that is beyond a certain distance and viewing conditions must be favorable. This might be frustrating for people who want more from their scope.

People who need a new telescope with better views at longer distances should consider other products. The Celestron CPC 1100 StarBright XLT GPS Schmidt-Cassegrain 2800mm Telescope is a top of the line model that provides the user images as far as Pluto.

This model is larger and slightly more difficult to put together but for good reason. Those who are more experienced with astronomy should have little trouble using it. This model is almost as close as a person can get to an observatory without actually visiting one.

For anyone who finds that they want more detail but do not have a lot of experience, there is the Celestron NexStar 6 SE Telescope. This device can see a bit farther than the PowerSeeker model and is easier to assemble that the StarBright version.

Far off planets and star systems may still be seen on a clear night with the right conditions. This telescope is a perfect model for anyone looking to step out of the beginner phase and into the intermediate category of astronomy enthusiasts.


As far as telescopes go, it is high quality when they can show the surface of a far off moon or planet. The Celestron 21037 PowerSeeker 70EQ Telescope is a great gift idea as it is perfect for beginners. The easy to assemble design will give the user very little trouble and they will be able to use it right away.

Though conditions need to be near perfect to see far off stars, there are plenty of closer celestial bodies to see. The high quality lens will allows for amazing images and photos taken will look professional. For anyone who has an interest in astronomy this telescope is a great idea to get you started.

It is safe to say that if a user is not happy with this device, they may need a more powerful telescope. You can do this early on or when you want to explore more of the universe. That being said, there are many other options available, though many keep this scope as a backup to make sure the stars are never out of reach.

The Celestron 21037 PowerSeeker 70EQ Telescope is a high quality and effective telescope that has the potential to turn anyone into a passionate and skilled astronomer.

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