Celestron 21038 Travel Scope 50 Telescope

Celestron 21038 Travel Scope 50 Telescope

Have you been searching for the ideal unit to add in your telescoping unit, or perhaps a fantastic strategy for getting a better view of distant objects? Well, a brilliant suggestion for you would be to procure the Celestron 21038 Travel Scope 50 Telescope that is a compact-sized unit that is formidable when it comes to delivering results.

The Celestron 21038 is made using top-notch material to ensure durability and stability. All these functionalities consolidate into a telescope that provides the users with hours of pleasure without installation or setup hassles.

With its highly-compact size and portable design, along with optical performance, the Travel Scope is exceptional for astronomical as well as terrestrial observation.

This 50mm Travel Scope is an affordable refractor that provides a broad spectrum of uses including backyard observing, kid’s astronomy, garden watching, nature studies and day trips as well. The inclusion of the tripod also makes a versatile tool that can be used in tripod photos for the camera.

On the same account, this unit also comes with several useful additions including two eyepieces, an adjustable tripod, erect image diagonal, backpack carrying cases, and TheSky X- First Light Edition planetarium/star charting software on CD-ROM so users can customize their media content to suit their needs.

To be specific, the robust applications software can be used on various operating system platforms and has been specifically fine-tuned for long distance image shots. The telescope has toddler-friendly parts that make it a safe and also an exceptional gift for young children who have an affinity for astronomy.


  • Coated glass optical elements for superior quality images
  • 50 mm (2.0-Inch) refractor
  • Quick and easy no-tool setup
  • Erect image diagonal so that your views are correctly oriented
  • The telescope and tripod fit inside the custom backpack (included) for easy traveling and storage
  • Ergonomic design and lightweight(1.5kg)


  • It comes with a powerful 50mm refractor that is fun to use
  • The Celestron 21038 is compact sized(1.5kg)
  • It has a simple assembly and set-up procedure
  • This telescope can mitigate the effect of blurriness when tracking moving objects
  • This unit comes with a unique carrying bag for convenience


  • The tripod and finder scope are of low performance
  • Does not work well in poor lighting areas
  • Some users have complained about the overall durability of the unit


If you have been searching for the ideal solution for viewing distant objects, such as the moon with excellent quality, then the Celestron 21038 Travel Scope is the ideal solution for your unique needs. More so, its compact-sized and superior aesthetic appeal makes it an excellent gift for a loved one, or perhaps even a colleague at work.

The inclusion of the image diagonal provides the users with eyepiece views that are calibrated to suit the level of the eye. This sort of functionality allows users to move vehicles and wildlife without the annoying image reversal and blurriness that is typically associated with the conventional types of telescopes.

With its simple-to-use design, this unit allows for straightforward and quick set up, so the user hardly ever misses a moment of their favorite scenery. The 50mm refractor provides clear and pristine images that in a compact sized unit that you can carry along to your favorite spots.

By the same token, this telescope also lets you view the texts that are written on distant objects and the close focus is 15”, thus lets the user get an up-close view of the outdoor. If the accompanying tripod fails to function correctly, you can always settle for a better tripod at an affordable price.

In fact, this can be regarded as one of the only drawbacks of this exceptional performing telescope.

Possible Alternatives

If you have been searching for a good telescope, the chances are that you might have come across various units.

Aside from the exceptional Celestron 21038 Travel Scope 50 Telescope, some of the units that you could try would be the Onion Go Scope II 70 mm Refractor Travel Telescope, which comes with an achromatic lens system that provides clear images of distant objects.

The entire refractor telescope setup and the accompanying accessories can easily fit in any custom-designed backpack, thus making it a highly portable unit.

Users might also appreciate the simple design that makes it ideal even for novice users. However, some users have complained that this unit tends to be faulty, and the 70mm Refractor sometimes fail to function appropriately.

Another useful telescope worth checking out is the Gskyer telescope that is developed using full-coated green glass, high transmission coatings, and optical components for enhanced image clarity and brightness.

It also comes with a diverse range of eyepieces, along with a 3x Barlow lens that delivers enhanced viewing power that is several times better than that of the conventional eyesight. However, some users have complained that this unit is heavy and is highly susceptible to falls and scratches.


Broadly speaking, when it comes to selecting the ideal telescope for your needs or perhaps for a loved one, there is no space for insufficient improvisations. It is imperative that you have some insight into some of the essential functionalities that you might expect in your ideal unit and some of the values that you seek as well.

Therefore, the Celestron 21038 Travel Scope 50 Telescope is a worthwhile unit due to the features and the benefits that it provides the users within the long run. Simply put, it excels when it comes to applications such as scenic long distance viewing, outdoor porch applications, daytime birding.

You can also carry it along when you go out for your outdoor escapades, since it is a highly compact sized unit. While some users have complained the tripod provided with the 21038 is poor quality, one can always settle for a better tripod upgrade.

In fact, all the other aspects of the telescope function at top levels including the powerful scope, as well as its ability to mitigate the effects of blurriness especially when tracking a long distance moving the object.

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